New York Natural Heritage Program
Waxed Sallow
Chaetaglaea cerata Franclemont, 1943

New York State Distribution [-]
In New York, this species has been collected at the Albany Pine Bush and Long Island Dwarf Pine Barrens since 1980. There is also a specimen at North Carolina State University that was collected from Poughkeepsie in the 1960s. Therefore, this species should occur in barrens habitats on the Shawangunk Ridge and probably a few other hilltops or ridges in southeastern New York. Populations in western New York seem unlikely, but it may be possible in sandy oak habitats.

Global Distribution [-]
Chaetaglaea cerata has a very localized, disjunct distribution from Aweme Manitoba through Wisconsin and southern Ontario to southern Maine, south to central Pennsylvania, central Ohio, northern West Virginia, southeast Connecticut and Long Island, New York. There have been a few recent collections in the Ottawa area as reported by Handfield (1999), and one verified by Dale Schweitzer, but none yet in Quebec.