New York Natural Heritage Program
Pink Sallow
Psectraglaea carnosa (Grote, 1877)

New York State Distribution [-]
The pink sallow is fairly widespread on Long Island. There is a 1966 specimen from Poughkeepsie (North Carolina State University). The species was collected from the Albany Pine Bush in 1881 (specimen verified by Tim McCabe), but it was not confirmed from the Albany Pine Bush in the 20th century, and it no longer occurs there. The species may occur in the Shawangunks, and it is possible it occurs in far northern New York.

Global Distribution [-]
The pink sallow has a very spotty range. It originally occurred from southern Maine west very spottily through southern Quebec and Ontario to Michigan and northern Wisconsin, south in the eastern part of its range into northeastern Pennsylvania (extant, 1990s) and southern New Jersey (mainly in the core of the Pine Barrens). It is no longer found in Maine and the mainland of New York, and it may not occur in Connecticut or Rhode Island. Its status is unclear in Quebec and Ontario. There are no records from Vermont, Ohio, Indiana, or Illinois. There was one known population in western Pennsylvania, which may still exist. Populations are most concentrated in extensive sandy barrens areas of central Wisconsin, northern Michigan, northeastern Pennsylvania, coastal Massachusetts, and southern New Jersey.
Best Places to See
• David A. Sarnoff Pine Barrens Preserve (Suffolk County)