New York Natural Heritage Program
Fawn Brown Dart
Euxoa pleuritica (Grote, 1876)

Threats [-]
Elimination and fragmentation of habitat by commercial and residential development are threats to the fawn brown dart. In addition, fire suppression and allowing succession may eliminate some suitable habitat for the species in the Dwarf Pine Barrens. The species is also vulnerable to mosquito spraying.

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Periodic controlled burns or mechanical management are needed to maintain the natural community at the Dwarf Pine Barrens. Since the fawn brown dart is likely to be impacted by extensive fires, it would be beneficial to leave some areas unburned to serve as refugia. Also, since the Fawn Brown Dart is vulnerable to mosquito spraying, it would be beneficial to restrict or minimize mosquito spraying in occupied areas. In addition, restricting ATV use and minimizing lighting to maintain dark sky conditions in occupied areas would be beneficial.

Research Needs [-]
Additional research is needed to document the fawn brown dart's host (larval food) plants and its life history.