New York Natural Heritage Program
Coastal Heathland Cutworm
Abagrotis nefascia benjamini Franclemont

New York State Distribution [-]
This moth is documented from eastern Long Island and an offshore island. It is likely restricted to Long Island and nearby islands. There is a historical record from New York City (D. Schweitzer, personal communication), but no documentation.

Global Distribution [-]
This is a very disjunct subspecies. Its distribution extends from Cape Cod and offshore islands west to Plymouth, Masachusetts, and includes eastern Long Island and an offshore island in New York. In the early 1900s, it also included East River, Connecticut. It has also been reported from Singletons at Lakehurst (1951) and Dividing Creek (1996) in southern New Jersey, but no populations have been documented there. LaFontaine (1998) indicates that a disjunct population occurs near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Canada. Typical A. n. nefascia in western North America does not get within 2000 kilometers of the range of this subspecies.
Best Places to See
• Montauk County Park (Suffolk County)