New York Natural Heritage Program
Golden Aster Flower Moth
Schinia tuberculum (Hübner, [1831])

Habitat [-]
The golden aster flower moth is found in dry sandy areas that contain an abundance of its food source, Pityopsis falcata (sickle-leaf golden-aster, sickle-leaf silkgrass). P. falcata has yellow flowers, is found in dry sandy areas near the coast and in pine barrens, and flowers from July to September. Although this moth is found in barren-type habitats, it is not considered a barrens species, since it can also inhabit other habitat types.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Pitch pine-oak-heath woodland
    A pine barrens community that occurs on well-drained, infertile, sandy soils. The structure of this community is intermediate between a shrub-savanna and a woodland. Pitch pine and white oak are the most abundant trees.