New York Natural Heritage Program
Slender Flower Moth
Schinia bifascia Hübner, 1818

New York State Distribution [-]
This species is probably confined to salt marshes on Long Island and nearby islands.

Global Distribution [-]
The global distribution of this species is unclear because the correct application of the species names bifascia and gracilenta remains unclear. Hardwick (1996) states that Schinia bifascia Hubner, 1818 is synonymous with S. gracilenta Hubner, 1818, and he places both under the name S. gracilenta. The range of S. gracilenta is thought to occur from Nebraska to southeastern Massachusetts south to Florida and Texas (Hardwick 1996; Wagner et al. 2008), but this range might include the collective range of two species (Wagner et al. 2008). Heppner (2003) states that the range of S. gracilenta is wider, extending to Arizona. The facts appear to be these: there is a larger Midwestern (prairie?) and southeastern species that is well illustrated as bifascia in the Rings et al. (1992) Ohio noctuids book. Apparently this species is consistently identified as bifascia. There is a different coastal (Massachusetts to Texas) salt marsh species widely known under both names and well represented under both names from Long Island, New York at the US National Museum and elsewhere. New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts track the salt marsh species found in their states under the name S. bifascia.
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