New York Natural Heritage Program
Gray Petaltail
Tachopteryx thoreyi (Hagen in Selys, 1858)

New York State Distribution [-]
Overall, the statewide range for this species is quite broad, with records coming from counties across the southern portion of the state including the Lower Hudson Valley, the southern portion of the Finger Lakes and the Lake Erie portion of the Great Lakes drainage. There is a fairly recent and reliable site record from one location on Tug Hill that may represent a disjunct portion of the range for this primarily southern species.

Global Distribution [-]
This is principally a southern species whose range extends from northern Florida west to eastern Texas and Oklahoma, and north to southern Michigan, southern New York, and southern New England (Dunkle 2000, Nikula et al. 2003).
Best Places to See
• Enfield Glen in Robert Treman State Park (Tompkins County)
• Stony Brook State Park (Steuben County)