New York Natural Heritage Program
Delaware River Clubtail
Gomphus septima delawarensis (Donnelly and Carle, 2000)

Habitat [-]
The Delaware River Clubtail occupies moderate to large wooded rivers with some current, usually cobbly, but with finer sand and silt for larval habitat.
The larvae are though to inhabit relatively deep pools, either immediately downstream of rapids, or a tributary, especially where some fine mixed sediments have been deposited. Adults extensively use riparian forests for maturation, feeding and copulation.

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Confined river
    The aquatic community of relatively large, fast flowing sections of streams with a moderate to gentle gradient.

Associated Species [-]
  • Spine-Crowned Clubtail (Gomphus abbreviatus)
  • Cobra Clubtail (Gomphus vastus)
  • Stygian Shadowdragon (Neurocordulia yamaskanensis)
  • Rusty Snaketail (Ophiogomphus rupinsulensis)