New York Natural Heritage Program
Rapids Clubtail
Gomphus quadricolor Walsh, 1863

New York State Distribution [-]
The Rapids Clubtail has been confirmed in locations from 10 counties. While no population estimates have been made, they are known to occur in large, shallow, swift-flowing rivers throughout the state including the Upper Delaware River and the Upper Hudson River. More inventories are needed to determine the full extent of its statewide range (Holst 2005).

Global Distribution [-]
The Rapids Clubtail is known to range from Ontario and southwestern Maine to its western limit in eastern Minnesota, south to Alabama. (Walker 1958, Needham and Westfall 1955). This species may be at risk in Ontario as it is extirpated from one of the four known sites.
Best Places to See
• Shawangunk Kill (Ulster County)
• Upper Delaware River (Orange, Sullivan Counties)