New York Natural Heritage Program
Brook Snaketail
Ophiogomphus aspersus Morse, 1895

New York State Distribution [-]
The Brook Snaketail has been confirmed in locations from eleven counties from the eastern portion of the state. While no population estimate has been made, they are known to occur in clear, fast-flowing streams and rivers with rocky and sandy substrate (New York Natural Heritage Program 2007, Donnelly 2004). More inventories are needed to determine the full extent of its statewide range (Holst 2005).

Global Distribution [-]
Although it is common and localized, the Brook Snaketail is spottily distributed across the northeastern United States and Great Lakes (Nikula et al. 2003). It has a substantial total known range from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec as well as Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky (Abbott 2007).
Best Places to See
• Ausable River (Essex County)
• Potter Brook (St. Lawrence County)
• Upper Hudson River (Saratoga, Warren Counties)