New York Natural Heritage Program
Mottled Darner
Aeshna clepsydra Say, 1839

New York State Distribution [-]
This species has been recorded from just ten locations in New York with these records coming from eight counties in various regions of the state including the Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, southern tier, eastern and southeastern counties, and Long Island. The wide distribution of these counties suggests that the species is likely to occur in other counties in these regions of the state. However, as in other portions of this species' range it is expected that this darner will be spotty, or local, in its distribution and a large number of populations will not be found.

Global Distribution [-]
This is a decidedly northeastern species that occurs from Nova Scotia, New England, and New Jersey, west to southern Ontario, northern Ohio, northern Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin (Needham et al. 2000). Within portions of this range the species is considered uncommon (Mead 2003) or local in its occurrence (Donnelly 1992, Nikula et al. 2003).
Best Places to See
• Cinnamon Lake (Schuyler County)
• Marsh Pond at Marsh Pond State Forest (Broome County)