New York Natural Heritage Program
Mantled Baskettail
Epitheca semiaquea (Burmeister, 1839)

Threats [-]
Due to the aquatic life history of the Mantled Baskettail, any activity which might lead to water contamination or the alteration of natural hydrology could impact their populations (Holst 2005). Such threats might include eutrophication, changes in dissolved oxygen content, agricultural run-off and other pollutants, chemical contamination, increases in sediment load, and acidification (Holst 2005). Residential development and the resulting increase in water withdrawal may have negative impacts at the Long Island coastal plain pond sites (Virginia Brown, pers. comm.).

Conservation Strategies and Management Practices [-]
Additional survey efforts may be necessary before specific stewardship needs at a location can be identified. As with all recent documentations of this species in New York, the presence and size of breeding populations have not been determined. However, any measures to reduce water contamination or hydrological alteration should be considered when managing for this species (Holst 2005).

Research Needs [-]
Further research is needed to define the distribution, life history, and population size and trends of the Mantled Baskettail (Holst 2005). In addition, research is required to understand the ecology of this species, including the identification of habitat preferences and threats (New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 2006).