New York Natural Heritage Program
New England Bluet
Enallagma laterale Morse, 1895
New England Bluet Jean Held
Family: Pond Damsels (Coenagrionidae)

State Protection: Not Listed
The species is not listed or protected by New York State.

Federal Protection: Not Listed

State Rarity Rank: S3
A State Rarity Rank of S3 means: Typically 21 to 100 occurrences, limited acreage, or miles of stream in New York State.

Global Rarity Rank: G3G4
A Global Rarity Rank of G3G4 means: Vulnerable globally, or Apparently Secure -- At moderate risk of extinction, with relatively few populations or locations in the world, few individuals, and/or restricted range; or uncommon but not rare globally; may be rare in some parts of its range; possibly some cause for long-term concern due to declines or other factors. More information is needed to assign a single conservation status.

Did you know?
The New England bluet is one of 23 species of damselflies in the genus Enallagma found in New York State. This is the largest single dragonfly or damselfly genus in the state. The New England bluet has also been called the lateral bluet as its' specific name, laterale, refers to the black mark on the side of the 8th abdominal segment.

State Ranking Justification [-]
In New York State, this species occurs within a fairly restricted range and is currently known from just 11 populations. Although it is likely that some additional sites will be found as a result of additional surveys, the number of new sites is not expected to be large. There are existing threats and a host of potential threats at known sites, and similar threats would be expected for any newly discovered sites as well.

Short-term Trends [-]

Long-term Trends [-]