New York Natural Heritage Program
New England Bluet
Enallagma laterale Morse, 1895

New York State Distribution [-]
This species is uncommon in New York, with a fairly restricted range in the lower Hudson Valley, the Hudson Highlands, and Long Island. Within this range, it is currently known from just 11 ponds or small lakes. These locations include: five in Suffolk County, two in Westchester County, one in Rockland County, and three in Orange County. The recent date of discovery in Orange and Rockland counties, and the range of the species in Pennsylvania and New England, suggests that the range of this damselfly in New York may be somewhat broader in the Hudson Valley than the current records indicate. However, it is unlikely that the species will be found in other more distant regions of the state.

Global Distribution [-]
The New England bluet is a northeastern species that is found from southern Maine south to New Jersey. Although its distribution is closely tied to the coastal plain, it is not restricted to this region as there are populations at higher elevations in the Poconos in Pennsylvania and in the Hudson Highlands in New York.
Best Places to See
• Island Pond at Harriman State Park (Orange County)
• Long Pond (Suffolk County)