New York Natural Heritage Program
Southern Sprite
Nehalennia integricollis Calvert, 1913

Habitat [-]
In the northeast, Southern Sprites are found on the coastal plain at grassy ponds, lakes, marshes, and bogs (Lam 2004, Bangma & Barlow 2010). In New York, known habitats are coastal plain ponds on Long Island (New York Natural Heritage Program 2010).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Coastal plain Atlantic white cedar swamp
    A swamp that occurs on organic soils along streams and in poorly drained depressions of the coastal plain. Atlantic white cedar makes up over 50% of the canopy cover. In mixed stands in New York, red maple is the codominant tree.
  • Coastal plain pond
    The aquatic community of the permanently flooded portion of a coastal plain pond with seasonally, and annually fluctuating water levels. These are shallow, groundwater-fed ponds that occur in kettle-holes or shallow depressions in the outwash plains south of the terminal moraines of Long Island, and New England. A series of coastal plain ponds are often hydrologically connected, either by groundwater, or sometimes by surface flow in a small coastal plain stream.
  • Pine barrens shrub swamp
    A shrub-dominated wetland that occurs in shallow depressions in the coastal plain, often as the transition zone between a coastal plain pond shore and either pitch pine-scrub oak barrens or pitch pine-oak forest.

Associated Species [-]
  • Lilypad Forktail (Ischnura kellicotti)
  • Blue Corporal (Ladona deplanata)