New York Natural Heritage Program
Dwarf Wedgemussel
Alasmidonta heterodon (I. Lea, 1830)

Habitat [-]
In New York, dwarf wedgemussels live embedded in the fine sediment that has accumulated between cobbles in slow to moderate current and relatively shallow water (40 cm) in small cool water rivers and similar habitat in larger rivers (Strayer and Jirka 1997).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Deepwater river*
    The aquatic community of very large, very deep, quiet, base level sections of streams with a very low gradient. In places the water is deep enough so that light cannot reach the river bottom.

    * probable association but not confirmed

Associated Species [-]
  • Triangle Floater (Alasmidonta undulata)
  • Brook Floater (Alasmidonta varicosa)
  • Alewife Floater (Anodonta implicata)
  • Eastern Elliptio (Elliptio complanata)