New York Natural Heritage Program
Alewife Floater
Anodonta implicata Say, 1829

Habitat [-]
The alewife floater lives in the strong currents in the tidal Hudson River and among cobbles in the Neversink and smaller tributaries (Strayer and Jirka 1997).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Deepwater river
    The aquatic community of very large, very deep, quiet, base level sections of streams with a very low gradient. In places the water is deep enough so that light cannot reach the river bottom.

Associated Species [-]
  • Eastern Elliptio (Elliptio complanata)
  • Eastern Lampmussel (Lampsilis radiata)
  • Tidewater Mucket (Leptodea ochracea)
  • Eastern Pondmussel (Ligumia nasuta)