New York Natural Heritage Program
Appalachian Sandwort
Minuartia glabra (Michx.) Mattf.
Minuartia glabra Troy Weldy
Family: Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae)

State Protection: Rare
listed species have: 1) 20 to 35 extant sites, or 2) 3,000 to 5,000 individuals statewide.

Federal Protection: Not Listed

State Rarity Rank: S3
A State Rarity Rank of S3 means: This plant is rare in New York (typically 21-50 populations, limited number of individuals, or limited range).

Global Rarity Rank: G4
A Global Rarity Rank of G4 means: This species is apparently secure globally (typically with more than 100+ populations), though it may be quite rare in parts of its range, especially at the periphery.

Did you know?
This "winter annual" germinates in the fall and overwinters as a vegetative plant. It flowers and fruits in the spring while temperatures are still cool and before its rocky habitat becomes searingly hot in the summer. In the Shawangunk Mountains the range of this species overlaps with the range of its northern cousin, mountain sandwort, Minuartia groenlandica.

State Ranking Justification [-]
There are 14 existing populations and one historical population. These populations are limited to a small area in the northern Shawangunks but most have good to excellent viability with many individuals. Some populations have over 1000 plants and are protected in the state park or preserve.

Short-term Trends [-]

Long-term Trends [-]