New York Natural Heritage Program
Champlain Beachgrass
Ammophila breviligulata ssp. champlainensis (Seymour) P.J. Walker, C.A. Paris & Barrington ex Barkworth

Habitat [-]
A beachgrass found on the sand beaches and dunes along Lake Champlain and the eastern shore of Lake Ontario, particularly on the top and front sides of the low lake dunes (New York Natural Heritage Program 2002). Dunes and dry sandy shores (Gleason & Cronquist 1991, under Ammophila breviligulata).

Associated Ecological Communities [-]
  • Great Lakes dunes
    A community dominated by grasses and shrubs that occurs on active and stabilized sand dunes along the shores of the Great Lakes. Unstable dunes are sparsely vegetated, whereas the vegetation of stable dunes is more dense, and can eventually become forested.
  • Sand beach
    A sparsely vegetated community that occurs on unstable sandy shores of large freshwater lakes, where the shore is formed and continually modified by wave action and wind erosion. Characteristic species that are usually present at very low percent cover include various grasses and other herbs.

Associated Species [-]
  • American Beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata)
  • Houghton's Umbrella-sedge (Cyperus houghtonii)
  • Sand-heather (Hudsonia tomentosa)
  • Beach Pea (Lathyrus japonicus)
  • Sand Cherry (Prunus pumila var. pumila)
  • Sand Dune Willow (Salix cordata)
  • (Salix exigua)