New York Natural Heritage Program
Champlain Beachgrass
Ammophila breviligulata ssp. champlainensis (Seymour) P.J. Walker, C.A. Paris & Barrington ex Barkworth

New York State Distribution [-]
Based on the current circumscription, this beachgrass is limited to the shores of Lake Champlain and the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. A few reports exist for the Lake Erie region, but to date all reports have turned out to be transplanted populations of the Atlantic beachgrass (Ammophila breviligulata).

Global Distribution [-]
As a recently described species, the global distribution of this plant has yet to be fully determined. At a minimum, the distribution of this plant is limited to Lake Champlain and the eastern shore of Lake Ontario. The range could be as broad to include all the plants (true native populations only, excluding plants originating from non-Great Lake seed sources) throughout the Great Lakes, St. Lawrence Seaway, and the coast of Newfoundland (Peter Baye pers. comm).
Best Places to See
• El Dorado Beach (Jefferson County)
• Plattsburgh Municipal Beach (Clinton County)
• Southwick Beach (Jefferson County)